How to run your own web hosting company

Now Playing: New Apple app lets you keep track of the weather from your phone source The Associated Press article The future is here.

Here are some of the ways it’s already here.1.

Buy the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud-based company, but the service is not limited to cloud computing.

It can run software on the cloud as well.

Its most popular product is Amazon Web Service (AWSS), but it also sells software on AWS.

AWS has been growing rapidly since its inception in 2003.2.

Buy an AWS account.

You can register an AWS domain, which is a personal name that your company will use for your AWS account, or you can get an AWS access key, which lets you use AWS to access the service.

The key also gives you access to the services.3.

Install and run the software on your own servers.

If you already have a private server with a dedicated AWS account or access key you can skip the second step.4.

Create a billing plan for the cloud service.

Amazon offers three plans for you: Basic, Standard, and Enterprise.

You have to select the plan you want from the Amazon web page and then fill out a billing form.5.

Install a WebSentry Server.

You need to install a WebSpinner, a software tool that helps you add and manage servers, for free.

You may also be able to purchase one from a Web server seller or a reseller.6.

Build your own website.

The web hosting industry is growing rapidly, and it’s no surprise that many web hosting companies are offering more and more hosting options.

This guide includes a free website template, as well as tips on how to customize your website.7.

Create your own Amazon Developer account.

Amazon has a new Developer Program, which allows you to create and run your first website.

You’ll also need to register an account, which will let you add your first web page.8.

Install the AWS software.

This will take a few minutes.

You will then need to configure AWS.

Go to Settings > Advanced.9.

Register your AWS access code.

This is required for accessing your service.10.

Install your Amazon Web Hosting account.

This takes less than 10 minutes.11.

Start your website with Amazon WebHosting.

It will download a file called webhosting.js.

This file is an HTML file that you can then use to build your site.12.

Start building your site with the AWS Web Hosted Development server.13.

Your website will load in seconds.

It’s easy to do this with the webhosted development server.14.

Now you have a working website!

You can also try using the AWS web hosting service to build an Amazon Web Site.15.

The server is online.

The page loads in seconds and is a nice touch.16.

The AWS developer site is live.

The Developer Tools for AWS Developer can help you create, test, and debug your site on AWS, too.17.

The website is live, but it is slow.

You don’t need to worry.

Just add a new comment to your comment history and it will be updated immediately.18.

The site is up and running.

You’re done.

You could also try starting your site over from scratch, but this is more time consuming.19.

You’ve done it.


You’re an Amazon Certified Developer.

This means you’ve successfully built your first Amazon website.

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