How to host a free Webhosting Service

Chattanooga, Tennessee (CNN) — With the U.S. economy slowing and the threat of terrorism looming, the number of people choosing to host their own websites and websites for others to host on a private server is increasing.

A new Web hosting service called Firebase aims to help those who can’t or won’t get on a server with a small investment and can take care of their own website.

“It’s a very secure, small amount of money to take care in case something does happen,” said Kevin Mather, founder of Firebase.

Firebase, which started as a simple website-hosting service in January, is now a growing business with about a dozen employees.

Its customers range from professional sports leagues, universities and other organizations, to businesses.

Mather said Firebase has helped them get a website up and running for a small business.

He estimates it cost about $25 per month to run a business with more than 30,000 users.

That kind of investment, he said, is why he’s so happy about his company’s launch in Chattanooga.

“We’ve been very successful in Chattanooga,” he said.

“You get a lot of people out here, they don’t have a choice but to stay in their own homes.”

In Chattanooga, the city’s unemployment rate is about 12%.

The number of residents over the age of 16 with no job is about 3%.

The region’s unemployment was 9% in December, compared with 7% in the rest of the state, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The city has seen an influx of businesses, and some of them have had trouble finding space.

Firehouse is just one of several companies that have jumped on the fire-hose bandwagon.

Firehose was started by a group of people who wanted to make a site that would host websites for their families and friends, Mather said.

It was initially called Firehouse.

It eventually grew to about 100 employees, Mays said.

Firehaus, which launched in May, is also focused on small businesses.

Mays and his wife, Lisa, own a small farm in the Chattanooga area.

They want to keep it small, so that it can continue to grow and expand.

Lisa Mays told CNN that they’ve had to find some extra space to accommodate their growing business, but the idea of a Web hosting company has caught their interest.

“There are plenty of sites that are available out there that have a lot more features and customization than we do,” Lisa Mays explained.

Mays said they’ve decided to make the Firehouse site free and give it away to anyone who can afford it.

“This site is a free service.

We don’t charge anything,” he told CNN.

Firehouses website offers up to 100,000 unique visitors a month.

The average website visit for the service is about 1,000.

Mather and Lisa Mames said they are not taking the service for granted.

They said that they have no idea how many people are interested in hosting a website for their family or friends, and they’re not afraid of a little competition.

“I think if we can get a couple of people on board, it’s going to grow, because we don’t want to go bankrupt,” Mays noted.

Mates said he and his family are looking for new ways to make money.

Firehouse is looking to hire a new developer and start a new business.

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