Trump administration will block US internet providers from selling access to Facebook

A new administration headed by President-elect Donald Trump is expected to block internet service providers from providing their customers with access to the social media platform.

Internet providers are prohibited from charging for data that would otherwise be included in customers bills, and companies have argued that it is unfair for them to be charged for such data.

However, the Trump administration is unlikely to back down from this stance, according to a White House document leaked to the Intercept.

The document from the White House Office of Management and Budget outlines the proposed policy, which the administration will “ensure is not contrary to applicable law, the best interests of the American people, or the Federal Communications Commission’s mission to promote competition.”

The plan also does not require internet service companies to sell access to their customers’ data to advertisers.

Instead, the administration wants to require them to pay for it.

In other words, the government wants to force internet service to charge companies for data, while also not requiring them to do so. 

The policy would require internet providers to pay providers a fee to access their customers data, a measure that will likely require them provide access to more data, or even to remove it entirely.

According to the White Star Line, which operates the backbone for the Internet, this fee would be based on the number of customers and not on the cost of delivering the data to them.

If the internet service provider is required to provide access, the fee would also be based only on the size of the customer base.

While the White Post claims that the policy will prevent companies from charging the government, there is no indication that it will prevent them from charging companies that sell to the government.

Companies that are not required to charge for data could be exempt from this requirement.

As a result, internet service would remain accessible to anyone without any specific government requirement to pay a fee.

For example, if an internet service company offered a service for free to all Americans, and there was no requirement for the government to provide data for it, the internet provider could continue to offer the service for as long as the government would allow.

This is because the internet providers are free to charge their customers for access to data they have.

It is important to note that the White Paper does not specifically state that internet service should be free to every American.

Rather, it indicates that the US government should allow internet service firms to charge those who use it to pay fees to provide it.

In other areas of the internet, such as social media, the policy is likely to affect the same thing.

There are two key aspects of the plan that have raised concerns among internet service consumers and internet service advocates.

First, the White paper does not specify what type of data should be included under this definition.

It is unclear if this means that the government should only include information that is personal or corporate, or if the internet would need to provide some type of third-party content to be exempt.

The second issue is that the document does not detail how the government will determine what type or how much data will be included.

This means that some companies, such Google, Facebook, and other large companies, could end up paying a high price to provide their services. 

It is also unclear whether the White Office intends to require internet services to pay companies for content that it already owns.

In other words in some cases, internet providers may choose to make their services free of charge, and others will charge more.

This could potentially make it harder for internet service customers to use the services they need.

For example, the Federal Trade Commission is considering whether to require web providers to give customers the ability to opt out of receiving information that they may have been unknowingly receiving from third-parties.

The FTC may require internet companies to give consumers the ability in certain circumstances, such to opt-out of receiving certain types of advertisements.

In short, the potential consequences of the Trump White Paper on internet access are still unknown.

However, the recent moves by the Trump Administration to undermine net neutrality and to make internet access more expensive to use, is a significant threat to the internet.

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