How to Host a 100% Canadian Web Hosting Plan

Canadian Web hosting has been growing in popularity recently and, as of March, there are more than 10,000 hosts in Canada.

However, hosting costs are high and, depending on the plan you choose, you may have to pay for hosting.

Some of these plans will also require you to pay to renew your subscription.

The good news is, if you decide to host your own website, it can be a relatively inexpensive option.

To get started, we spoke with a few of our favorite web hosting companies to get the most out of your hosting plan.

1. offers 100% Canada-based hosting in Canada and across the US.

The company’s goal is to provide “the best, most secure and most affordable hosting experience in Canada for everyone.”

There are two ways to host a site on ByteHost: Free hosting, which you can pay for individually and a yearly plan that includes the full range of hosting options, or Premium pricing that gives you access to more of the site’s features.

Free hosting is also offered through the company’s web hosting portal, which allows you to customize your site with your own images, fonts, and theme.

You can also opt to get a subscription, which includes unlimited hosting and a monthly fee of $15.

The premium plan has access to everything the regular plan does, but comes with a premium service.

2. has a Canadian-based customer base that stretches across the country.

The website offers a variety of hosting plans, from simple free hosting, to monthly plans, and, if it’s a monthly plan, a free trial.

While the free plans are a little pricey, GoDaddy is a good option for small businesses, small homes, and home improvement projects.


HostHub is a Canadian web hosting company that offers a 100 percent Canadian hosting service.

While their plan has a few limitations, including no free shipping, the company has a free and easy to use site that includes all of their hosting features.


CloudHost offers a free hosting service, but it’s not exactly cheap, and they do have a $1.99/month plan that has limited support for most web hosting platforms.

5. is a US-based company that is part of the HostGator family of companies.

The service is designed to be as easy to get started as possible.

The most important thing is that you are paying for the hosting, not the hosting service itself.

If you plan on getting started hosting your own site, is an excellent choice.


Suddenlink offers a “100% Canadian” plan for businesses that want to start hosting their own website in Canada, with a $3.99 monthly charge for up to five people, or $14.99 per month for up 100 people.

7. and Hosted offer the same 100 percent Canada-focused service, and both offer plans that have a few more features.

Hostbedbyus is a great option if you are planning on hosting your site yourself, or if you want to purchase a hosting license and use the service.

8. runs a “Canada-centric” hosting service that has more options, including a 100-person, $20/month hosting plan, and an unlimited plan for $50/month.

9. offers a $10/month and $25/month pricing plan that allows you the same level of control over your hosting.


CloudFlare offers a plan that will cost you $29/month for up 25 users, and offers a more flexible option for those who are interested in hosting only on their own site.

The hosting option costs $20 per month.


Cloud9 offers a hosting plan that’s based on a mix of free and premium pricing.

12. has a host plan that starts at $20 for a five-person plan, or a $30/month premium plan.


Hosting byme provides a more affordable option for people who are planning to host their own websites.


Cloud Hosting has a plan for free and unlimited users that allows for unlimited hosting for a monthly charge of $7.99.

Host byme offers a 30-day trial that allows users to see how their hosting plan works.

15. runs a 50-person monthly plan that offers some of the most powerful hosting features that Cloudhost offers.


Hostify offers a 20-person hosting plan for up 250 users.


GoCardless offers a simple 30-person pricing plan with unlimited hosting.


GoHosting offers a two-person package that comes with 100GB of RAM, a 100GB USB drive, and two 2TB hard drives.


Hostnaught offers a 24-

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