Blackpool hosts site for ‘Blackpool Fever’ website

BLACKPOOL — For the past year, the city of Blackpool has hosted the site for the popular Blackpool Fever YouTube video series.

Now, Blackpool’s official site is hosting a video series called “Blackpool Fever” that has been gaining momentum over the past few months.

The site has been running at Blackpool Town Hall for the past three months.

On the Blackpool Fandom page, a video of a man wearing a mask is displayed with a headline that reads: “You are a blackpool fever.”

It is unclear if the video is being promoted as a parody or as part of a promotion for the Blackpork Fever website.

The Blackpool fan page has received a huge amount of support from Blackpool residents, who have created a petition on asking for the site to be taken down.

Blackpool City Councilor Robyn Lewis, who is also a Blackpool resident, says she was contacted by the BlackPorkFever website to help in getting the site shut down.

“They wanted to have it removed as soon as possible,” she told The Washington Post.

“They wanted the community to know it was promoting a hoax.”

Lewis said she contacted the BlackPool Fever site and the company’s owner to inform them of the concerns.

“He was really upset about it,” she said.

“It was just like, ‘Don’t do this.'”

She says she contacted Blackpool Police Chief Peter Stoneman to see if they could get the Black Pool Police Department to investigate the site.

“The police told me that it was a hoax,” Lewis said.

Stonman did not respond to multiple requests for comment., the official Blackpool site for Blackpool, does not have any news or comments on the Black Fever hoax.

Blackpool has not been taken down, and the Black page is still active.

Blackpunks Fever is also being promoted on Twitter.

Black Punks Fever’s Facebook page has more than 6,000 followers, and its Twitter account has more 10,000.

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