Mindweb Hosting is back with a bang

Mindweb has been a huge success, but the service has come under fire recently from the Federal Government.

The Australian Federal Police has taken action against Mindweb and has issued an order to seize the company’s assets, according to The Australian Financial Review.

The company, which launched in April, has now said it will take legal action against the Federal government and will take up to 30 days to pay its debts.

Mindweb, which was set up by former Australian National University computer scientist Matthew Diamandis, was launched to offer cloud hosting for people wanting to run websites without having to invest in hardware.

The service has now grown to more than 40 million users and is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe.

But some say the service is now out of date, with new features being added on a daily basis.

It has also been criticised by the Federal Communications Commission for its use of a cookie-cutter cookie that users can click on to see what websites they can and can’t access.

Mindnet is also known for its aggressive pricing, which includes a $1.99/month data plan.

This pricing was dropped last year, and the company now offers a $6.99 per month data plan, according the Australian Financial Report.

MindWeb CEO Daniel Schild says the Federal authorities are pursuing the company for copyright infringement.

He told The Australian that Mindweb will take the Federal courts up on the claims.

“The Federal Government has indicated that it intends to take action against me and my business,” Mr Schild said in a statement.

“They will also take me to court over the fact that the company does not appear to have complied with copyright law.”

The Federal Government claims that MindWeb’s hosting of websites was an infringement of copyright law, and Mindweb is suing the Federal Bureau of Statistics and the Bureau of Meteorology.

It is seeking damages of more than $1 million and is seeking an injunction to prevent Mindweb from selling its hosting service to other people.

The Federal Police have also issued a warning to Mindweb.

“This is a criminal offence, and it is illegal to operate a business which enables or enables the downloading of copyright infringing material,” the AFP said in an email.

“Mindweb is aware that its website contains material that has been removed by copyright holders.

Minds web hosting service does not facilitate the downloading or streaming of infringing material.”

In a statement, the Bureau said Mindweb’s hosting service was not “deliberately or maliciously accessed”.

The bureau said it was taking the matter seriously and would be contacting Mindweb to clarify the matter.

Mind web has been shut down indefinitely The Federal Federal Government is also suing Mindweb over the alleged use of the cookie-style cookie that was taken down.

The cookie, which has been widely used in recent years, allows people to access websites they have registered with Mindweb without having their login details compromised.

The government is claiming that Mindwompo hosted websites that were accessed without the cookie.

It says that Mind Web is not responsible for the actions of its servers.

It said it would take action “at a time and place” as required.

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