Hosting site helps with $4,000 of bills for $3,000 worth of rent

The owner of a web hosting service that offers to help with rent for people paying their bills on the side says he was surprised when he saw people pay as much as $4 for the service.

“I mean, how can that be?” said Scott Houser, a Dallas-based entrepreneur who owns Bluehost.

The idea came to him as a customer wanted to pay for his rent through a hosting company, but it was not a very practical idea.

“We thought, well, let’s try it for free,” he said.

Housers said he is the only one in his town who has done the service for free.

The company’s founder, Mark Zeglin, said he got the idea from his own experience when he was in his early 20s.

He used to live on the same street as a couple that rented a house for rent.

“They were paying rent,” he told the AP.

“So I was thinking, well let’s do it for them.”

Zeglins company, Hosted By Code, also helps people pay rent.

He said he thought it was a good idea to offer to rent the houses because he thought the idea of renting a home for free might be appealing to some people.

He didn’t think much of the idea at first.

“It’s a little like, ‘We can do this for free because there are so many other ways to pay,'” Zegins said.

“But then it started to become very clear, it was something that could be done for a lot of people.”

Zieglin said his idea came about after a customer asked for a rental of his house for two months.

“He asked, ‘How much does it cost to rent?'”

Zegin said.

He then realized that people were paying $3 per month for a home and figured he could make it work.

“The idea is you just pay $1 and it’s done,” he explained.

Zeglis said the service was launched in April and has since been used in dozens of cities, including Denver, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York and Chicago.

It charges $1.99 per month.

It’s a good option, said Housher, who said he was shocked at the cost.

“This is a pretty good price point,” he added.

Homser said the $1 fee is only a small part of the price.

The rest is an additional fee for hosting services that he has been using in the past.

Homes can be rented at any time for as little as $1 per month and up to $24 per month, depending on the property.

Zieglins company is one of a handful of services offering to rent homes for rent for free or cheap, such as the company called Hosted by Code, which offers to rent out houses for $1 a month.

He was not involved in Hosted BY Code’s business.

Houses can be rent for as much, up to four times as much.

The cost depends on the type of home and how many people rent the house.

The service charges $2 a month for single-family homes.

ZEGLIN said the cost was a little over $2 per month when the company started offering to provide a rental.

He estimated that it could be worth it to people who need to pay rent to get by.

“When you get that, you are in the minority,” Zeg lin said.

Ziglin said he has used Hostedby Code for a few months now and said he thinks it is worth the cost to people like Housesters who are stuck with no other option.

He has heard that people are paying up to 40 percent more for their homes now than they did before.

“You are going to see a huge increase in the number of people who are renting out their homes,” Zieg lin said, adding that the company is planning to start providing rent assistance for people who rent homes through HostedByCode.

The companies pricing is good, Zegs said, but he thinks a larger part of that is because it is easier to find and to use than other hosting services.

He believes people are not going to abandon the service because of the cost, but because it offers a service they need.

“If you are looking for a quick way to get money out of the system, it’s easy to find it with HostedBYCode,” Zigs said.

In Dallas, the company Hosted.

By Code has been helping people rent homes since 2014, Zigs company said.

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