Varnish and Web Hosting Are the Same Thing, according to Web Hosters

The two biggest web hosting providers have been competing for years, but it looks like it may be changing.

According to the most recent data from Search Engine Land, the three largest hosting providers are all up to $3.50 a month more expensive than

In other words, if you have an online domain like, you are looking at an additional $1.35 per month.

You also need to be using a “premium” version of Varnishes hosted hosting package, which includes a custom Varnishing client for WordPress, a plugin for Google Docs, and the ability to customize the theme.

That said, the best price you can get is for a $99.99 package that includes Varnished as well as a $39.99 Premium version of the software, all bundled together.

There’s also a $5.95 package that offers all of the same features as VarnISH, plus a premium WordPress theme.

This package includes an unlimited number of VBS scripts, a theme, and a Varnishment client.

So, if your website is a blog, you’re looking at a premium of $2.79 per month, and for a VBS website, you can save $2 per month with a $79.99 upgrade.

The only downside to the Varnisher bundle is that the premium package doesn’t include the ability for customers to host their own domains.

But if you can host WordPress and add a VBA script to your website, that should put you in the $1 per month range.

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