How the Oceania’s biggest web hosting company got the big deal

Posted By The BBC Sport team AUSTRALIA’S largest web hosting provider has struck a deal with the country’s biggest telecommunications provider, Oceana.

Key points:The deal with Ocena, a subsidiary of Australia’s biggest telco Telstra, means the company can deliver more than 1,200 gigabytes per day of bandwidth to its customers in Australia’s largest telco network, iiNetThe deal has not yet been signed with the telco and is yet to be finalised.

The deal will see Oceanna deliver 1,400 gigabytes of bandwidth per day to its 1.1 million customers in the first quarter of 2019, with a further 200 gigabytes a day promised for the second half of 2019.

It will also provide 1,800 gigabytes to its 2.4 million customers over the same period.

Telstra’s Oceanus service is the largest and fastest in Australia.

It is also the world’s fastest broadband service with peak speeds of up to 500Mbps and customers are able to stream their favourite content, including live TV, movies and music.

Oceana CEO Tony Bontemps said the deal with iiNet, the nation’s second-largest telecommunications provider by subscriber base, would allow the company to deliver more bandwidth to customers across the country.

“I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with iiNate to offer Australians high-speed broadband services, which will ensure our customers can reach their potential and our businesses can continue to grow,” he said.

“We are thrilled to welcome iiNet and its global network partners to our portfolio.”

Bontemaps told the ABC the deal was one of the biggest ever for a telecommunications provider.

“It’s the biggest single-quarter increase in traffic across iiNet’s global network,” he added.

“Ocena has been an important part of iiNet since the start of the year and will be one of Australia ‘s biggest broadband customers by the end of the decade.”

These new relationships with iinet and iiNet provide Oceanas customers with more broadband connections, better speeds and more reliable, secure, reliable and affordable services for a longer period of time.”‘

We’re all winners’Bontems team is a mix of former Telstra executives, engineers and engineers from across the globe who have joined the company over the past two years.

Bontempbs said the team has already signed up more than 100 people from Australia to work on the deal.”

For those of you who have worked on Telstra or who are interested in joining us, it’s a real privilege to be working with the world class team we have here in Australia,” he told the audience.”

The Oceans team has been able to work closely with the entire iiNet network and we’re all a winner here.”‘

A major win for our customers’Mr Bontems company, called Oceanes, was formed with the goal of improving the quality of Australian broadband service and cutting out the middleman.”

Over the past year we’ve seen a massive rise in customer dissatisfaction with the way the Australian broadband market is managed, with the introduction of a series of new technologies, and a new business model that does not allow the companies that currently serve Australian consumers to compete on a level playing field,” he explained.”

This is a major win, and it’s also a significant opportunity for Australian consumers.”‘

It’s exciting to be able to grow our business’The OCEAN network will be powered by a new and improved technology called Ocord, which allows the company’s customers to access their favourite services on demand.

Mr Bondems team has invested heavily in building Ocords infrastructure and the new technology will be used to power the company and its customers.”

Since launching Oceano’s technology, our customers have come through with record numbers of orders, and we’ve achieved a record number of customer satisfaction ratings, and that is a huge achievement for a telco company,” he revealed.”

What’s also exciting about this is that we are able now to offer our customers access to more services, more often than ever before.”‘

An exciting opportunity’The company also has plans to expand its service to other regions, including the US and South America.”

We are very excited about our ability to deliver services to all regions of the globe and to do this on a consistent basis, which we think will give customers a better experience in the future.”

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