‘This is a scam’: The ‘real’ ‘homestead web host’ blog that’s being called a scam

The real estate industry has been rocked by a new scam, where people are trying to scam customers into paying for bogus web hosting services and then using them to scam their bank account.

According to the website “Homestead Web Hosting”, the scam is all about creating a domain and making the name the “homestead”.

When a customer logs on to the web hosting company’s site, the web host’s team will ask them to fill in some information, and when they click on the link, the domain will be created.

It sounds easy, right?

After all, the “real” Homestead web hosts are usually based in rural areas and have little to no experience in hosting.

But the fraudsters are able to get a domain with just a few clicks, and then use it to get their money back, according to the company.

They say that they provide free web hosting to clients in India and are currently offering them in the US.

The company, however, warns that the “fake” “homestores” can be more than just a scam.

The scam can also involve people using fake names and aliases, and that their real identities are exposed in the website’s “real-world” domain.

The company warns that this could cause serious damage to their accounts.

The fraudsters claim that the site has helped people save millions of dollars.

In a blog post, the company says that it helps “homeless individuals in their quest to save money by helping them obtain a domain name for their new home”.

In addition to providing the services, the site also offers free webhosting.

If you sign up for an account, you can see the site’s real-world domain, and you can add your own domain name and/or domain extension, as well as other services.

But beware: if you get a “fake domain” scam, you will not be able to add a new domain name or domain extension.

The scamsters have also been able to convince people to sign up and use a fake “homestate web host”.

For instance, a customer named Rajat Sharma claimed that his account had been opened to scamming and fraudsters.

“After opening my account, scamsters used it to gain a domain that they could use to get money from my bank account,” he said.

“Once they got the domain, they tried to get me to pay for domain rental fees and other charges by using my real name, which was my real surname.

I told them that I had not paid the money for rent and that they had been using my surname.

After they had the domain registered, they sent me a bill.

They also sent the bank account details of the account to the scammer.”

According to an investigation by the Associated Press, the fraudster who started the scam in October this year has since registered several fake domains, including one for a real estate company in New Jersey, and another for a company in Virginia.

The AP also interviewed some of the victims, who said they had paid their bills by credit cards, but that the scamsters had used fake bank accounts to make it appear that they were living on the property.

The real-life “homess” that the company claims to provide is based in an Indian village, and its domain names are often shortened to “homeland”.

However, a search for “homland” on Google turned up a number of other websites with similar domains.

In some cases, the websites listed the addresses of homes that have been leased to the frauders.

But in many cases, these addresses are bogus and were likely registered in a legitimate domain.

For instance: In one case, the website lists a house in New York, which has been leased for over a decade to an unknown company, but which was registered in another domain name, “homenews”.

In another case, a scammer’s website listed a house for sale in San Diego, which is actually in the state of California, but was registered by a company called “Homes for Sale.”

In the “HOMES” section, the listing was for a house that had been purchased for a small sum by an anonymous donor in the 1990s.

According to a Google search for the house, the buyer is no longer living in the house.

The owner of the house has now moved on to a different property.

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