10 ways to save money on your web hosting bills

Hosting your own website can cost as little as £20 per month, but that could change with the launch of Bluefur, a new service offering cheaper plans at a fraction of the cost.

Read more about Bluefur and the new site here.

We’re not sure how much Bluefur will actually cost us, but if we had to guess, we’d say it will be around £10-15 per month.

It’ll be available to people who already have a domain name and use it to host their own websites.

This is what Bluefur looks like:A Bluefur account.

It also offers a host of other benefits, including hosting for a limited number of domains, as well as hosting and marketing campaigns.

Bluefur also offers the ability to set up automatic renewal of your domain.

If you want to know more about the Bluefur service, we’ve included a breakdown of what Bluefurs plan will look like.

We also have a handy infographic that outlines the pricing and features.

What is Bluefur?

Bluefur is a domain hosting service offering a cheaper alternative to the traditional web hosting plan, hosting a range of sites.

Bluefur offers a free trial period of one month, which you can then switch to a paid plan if you find you need a bit more space.

It’s an entirely new service, launched just a couple of weeks ago.

Bluefinetalk, a service from a group of internet experts, previously had a domain for a domain, but Bluefur allows you to have a different domain on your server.

Bluefur says it is a one-stop-shop for hosting websites, hosting blogs, and hosting the occasional blog post.

It works on your own servers, meaning you can choose which domain you need and it will manage all your domains on the server.

It can also manage your domains from one account to another, meaning there is no need to have multiple servers or a database of domains.

Bluefinetalker says that Bluefinettalk offers the most flexibility for hosting because it’s not a subscription service, meaning people can simply upgrade to the full version and still use all the features that Bluefairs full version offers.

This isn’t the first time Bluefinets has been around.

BlueFinetalk has also offered a domain management service, Bluefinnetalk.com, for a few years, but it only recently launched.

This was originally intended to allow people to manage their own domains, but this was later discontinued.

The company says it will have more details to announce later, but for now you can read about the service on its website.

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