Indian web hosting firm offers cheap web hosting to conservatives

By By K. Ramesh KumarA large number of people are now using virtual hosting services, but a new company is offering a cheaper option to people who have trouble paying for a regular web hosting service.

The startup, called WebHosting, announced that it has teamed up with conservative website Nexstar Media, which has been providing web hosting services for a while, and has also partnered with a number of media outlets including The Hindu.

It’s a partnership Nexstar has long been trying to build its own.

“We have worked with Nexstar for a long time and were happy to work with them for a new business opportunity.

We have been trying for a couple of years to build Nexstar’s platform to meet the demands of the media and the Indian market,” said Rahul Singh, CEO of WebHostage, who declined to reveal his exact net worth.

“Our experience with NexStar has been very good, so we felt we could provide Nexstar a better solution.”

In a statement, Nexstar said it was looking forward to continuing working with WebHostings.

“The Nexstar media network is thrilled to be able to offer WebHostance for its customers,” said Natarajan Reddy, a senior vice president at Nexstar.

“WebHostance is well-known for its service offerings and Nexstar is an important partner in providing this solution to its customers.”

WebHosting is a company that has worked with conservative media outlets for years, according to the company’s founder Rahul Singh.

Nexstar, which is based in New Delhi, is the country’s biggest media conglomerate, and its news coverage has been critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

NexStar owns several media outlets, including NDTV, India Today, and The Times of India, and is also the parent company of NDTV and NDTV News.

It has partnered with Nexstor, a media company, and Nexstoria, which publishes the Indian edition of India Today.

Nexstors chief operating officer, Rakesh Pachauri, said in a recent interview with Quartz that he believed his company could “serve as an intermediary between the government and the media.”

The startup is currently working on a platform that will provide “a better experience for consumers and developers, and an additional layer of safety to developers.”

Webhosting is the latest startup to jump on the bandwagon, but the partnership with Nexstars was a little unusual.

In the past, WebHost, Nexstour, and other smaller companies had partnered with media organizations.

But for WebHost and NexStar to work together, they needed Nexstar to sign on.

Nexstar was not happy with the partnership.

In a statement to Quartz, NexStar said, “We feel it is an inappropriate business arrangement between Nexstorian Media and WebHost.

We are not comfortable with this partnership and would like to discuss the matter with the parties involved.”

Nexstor has a history of working with conservative outfits, and in 2017, it partnered with the Hindustan Times to create an app that allows readers to comment on news articles.

The app is not available on the app store, though it is available for download through the Google Play store.

In the same year, Nexstars chief operating agent, Reddy told Quartz, he was looking for a partner that would give Nexstar an “even better platform to deliver the best content and services to our users.”

Reddy said that the partnership was a “very good idea.”

He said that Nexstoro had been trying out a variety of options for Webhosting, but ultimately chose Nexstar because it has “the best infrastructure and most users.”

He added, “NexStor’s app is a fantastic solution for our customers, and we are very happy to be working with NexStars team.”

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