Hosted by Netflix and Amazon? We have a solution

On Thursday, Netflix announced that it would be hosting its own cloud computing services for a number of its customers, which include Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft. 

The move comes amid concerns over the future of cloud computing and its potential impact on companies like Netflix that are struggling to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. 

It is unclear exactly how Netflix will handle its cloud services, but the company says that it will allow its customers to share their data with other users. 

“We are committed to delivering high-quality content and services to our customers, and we’re proud to be the first company to bring a cloud-based, open-source solution for our customers,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. 

With Netflix’s cloud-hosting, customers will have access to a vast amount of content, including Netflix original content, Netflix original series, and premium movies.

Netflix said that it is working to expand its cloud hosting offering to other platforms, but that the initial offering will remain for now. 

We’re excited to be partnering with Netflix on our cloud hosting, said Michael Arrington, chief executive officer of Amazon Web Services. 

Arrington also said that Netflix is considering offering its own private cloud for its streaming service. 

If you are thinking of moving from Google or Facebook to Netflix, this announcement is a big win for both companies.

Amazon has been struggling to compete with Google, and Google is in a tough spot, as its cloud service has fallen behind competitors like Microsoft and Amazon.

We are excited to bring Netflix’s open-sourced cloud hosting solution to our cloud partners, said Arrington. 

But, the move could be a setback for Amazon as it tries to compete in a cloud world dominated by Google and Facebook.

Netflix and Microsoft also announced a partnership to use Azure to handle Netflix content.

The announcement comes on the heels of a Microsoft cloud hosting deal that has made it one of the biggest cloud providers in the world.

Microsoft has also announced that the service will be available to Amazon Prime members as well as its own video streaming service, Microsoft Video. 

These moves are welcome news for Netflix, but they don’t necessarily mean that the company will be able to offer its own servers or other services. 

Instead, Netflix is relying on AWS to handle its hosting and cloud services.

AWS is a virtual private network that Microsoft and Microsoft have both built. 

This means that Netflix will need to offer some of its own services, including its own storage, storage-based streaming services, and a number in-house services.

The company’s move to AWS is particularly good news for Microsoft, as Microsoft’s Azure service is the fastest growing service in the company’s cloud. 

However, it’s important to note that Amazon still has a number open to customers to use on its own.

Amazon’s first customer to get a virtual cloud hosting service is Netflix, and the company is working on a number more customers. 

That means that Amazon is still a long way from the point where it will have a fully integrated, cloud-powered streaming service in place. 

Amazon is also looking at the possibility of offering its servers to customers outside of its AWS cloud service, but as of now, Amazon is only offering its services in the US.

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