How to get your home web hosting for free online

When you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay a monthly bill, you may want to consider hosting your own website on your own home server.

And if you’re looking to host your own apps, it’s a good idea to take advantage of web hosting service for the lowest price you’ll find.

The hosting company has partnered with some of the best web developers in the country, offering free hosting for web apps hosted on the site.

Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck with HostGators website hosting for $9.99 per month.


Install and configure a web hosting account.

Once you’ve got a web server, it can be an easy process to install the HostGATOR app.

Once it’s installed, you’ll need to create a web host account.

The free account comes with two free features, which are an easy-to-use interface and a built-in SSL certificate.

For more details, head over to


Log in to Hostgator.

Once the Hostgators app is installed, click the “Create a new Hosting Account” button.


Set up your SSL certificate and add the domain name to your web hosting plan.

If you have a domain name that’s already on the Host Gator domain, just click the “+” button and fill in the form.


Choose the type of hosting plan you want to use, and then click the plus button.

You’ll then see a screen that shows you a list of available hosting plans.

Once we’ve created our hosting account, click “Sign Up.”


Once signed in, the host will prompt you for your email address.

You can choose to create an account by logging in to your HostGater account or by using the “Sign In” button to create your account.


Once a hosting account has been created, you can start hosting your website.

The best part about hosting your site on the website is that HostGATORS domain name is automatically registered to the hosting account when you sign up.

It doesn’t have to be registered to Host GATOR itself, which is a great feature if you don’t need to set up an account with a domain registrar.

You also get a free 30-day trial of HostGAGator.

If your website is on a free plan, you won’t need a hosting subscription.


Start your website!

You’ll be redirected to your new HostGATING site.

After you create your new website, you will be taken to a screen where you can edit your hostname.

You will be given a link to edit your Host GATORS website URL, which will let you add additional content and upload photos and other assets.

You’re also able to change the language or the title of your site if you’d like to include links to your site.

If HostGATS website isn’t working, click to start the process over.


Start uploading content.

Once your new web site is up and running, you’re free to start uploading content to your website right away.

Uploading a new video is a good option, because you’ll be able to include videos from other HostGATES sites.

In fact, HostGAMers site hosting allows you to include any YouTube video that you’d upload on the internet.

The videos you upload will then be included in the video preview section of the website, which you can easily switch between.


Add a logo.

The HostGAMES logo is an optional feature that can be added on your hosting account for $0.99.

If this isn’t something you’d need, then you can leave the logo as is.

You don’t have any other choice than to include the logo on your site or add a logo to your hosting plan, as the HostAGATORS logo is registered to your hosted domain.


Create a profile.

Once logged in, click on the “My Profile” button on the home screen.

This will take you to your profile page.

There you’ll see a section that looks like the image below.


Create your domain name.

If the HostGA site isn’t showing up in your hosts’ database, you need to make sure that your domain is registered with HostGA.

You simply click the green “Get My Domain” button that appears in the lower right-hand corner of the page.


Set your site’s domain name!

After you’ve registered your domain, you just need to go ahead and fill out the domain registration form.

Make sure that you check “I want my domain name in my hosts database,” and “I don’t wish to have my domain in my host’s database.”

If you’re unsure about the details, feel free to contact HostGA and they’ll be happy to help.


Upload your video content.

HostGATE videos are made available through a subscription system that includes

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