How To Set Up a Decentralised Web Hosting Platform

By John MacLennanIn a world of cloud services, hosting providers have always been a centralised enterprise and a big part of that is that they need a platform that works with their own internal and external cloud services.This article will take a look at the best options for hosting your own data and services, and […]

What the IRS is doing about the ObamaCare repeal | Politico

An inspector general report released Thursday finds that the IRS had failed to investigate an “ongoing pattern of non-compliance” and “improper use of taxpayer information” with regards to the ObamaCare law.The report, which was issued by the IRS inspector general, says that while the IRS received complaints about the practice, it failed to conduct a […]

Which web hosting service will you use?

The world’s largest hosting company is launching a new web hosting product, which aims to help webmasters and businesses alike stay online longer.Progressive Web Hosting’s new web host is called PROXS, and it promises a host of features, including instant connection to the internet, automatic updates to your hosting settings and a “web hosting platform […]

Are you using the wrong software?

If you’ve been a regular reader of New Scientist, you’ll know that I’ve been using the software to publish my articles, and I’m happy to report that I am happy to have been able to use the software for this very purpose.So, how does the software work?New Scientist has been around since 1868 and has […]

How to host and run web applications on Windows 10

Windows 10’s built-in scripting capabilities allow you to use the full range of its powerful scripting features to build complex web apps.The most important of these are the built-ins and plugins that let you write your own scripting libraries, run tests and interact with the web, but there are also a number of other powerful […]

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